Aging Populations workshop

Population aging and the increase of aging-related conditions creates medical, societal and economical challenges. However, the promotion of healthy and active aging improves quality of life and offers unique opportunities for individuals and the society. Using a life course perspective, this interdisciplinary workshop will discuss novel prevention strategies, innovative solutions, wider societal implementation, and the role of higher education.


1) Video: Miia Kivipelto – Keynote 2018: Multi-domain interventions to prevent cognitive impairment and dementia: From FINGER to Worldwide FINGERS

 Ingmar Skoog – The New Aging


2) Report: Alzheimer’s Disease International: World Alzheimer Report 2018: The state of the art of dementia research: New frontiers


3) Report: WHO: Dementia – a Public Health Priority (2012);jsessionid=B34160ABCE8189DC3FE4DA1B79807E7D?sequence=1


4) Review article: Advances in the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

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