Antibiotic Resistance workshop

Old and new antibacterial drugs are becoming ineffective and certain common infections can no longer be cured, posing an enormous threat to animal and public health. A complex set of solutions are needed e.g. developing new antibiotics and improving old ones, rational use, improving infections prevention and monitoring, avoiding any environmental leakage and developing alternative treatments.

Pre-reading and videos

The Uppsala Health Summit 2015: A world without antibiotics

The Uppsala Antibiotic Center (AMR) Studio

A podcast dedicated to highlighting the multidisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance that is happening around the world.

Antibiotic resistance essentials

MOOC online course from ReACT: Antibiotic Resistance – The Silent Tsunami

A self-paced course in four modules (4 hours each).

The course contains video lectures, quizzes, study questions and assignments to enhance your learning process and enable evaluation of your acquired knowledge, and is suitable for members of the public, students (including PhD-students), health professionals or any other experts who want to gain a broader understanding of antibiotic resistance.

A glossary is provided to help those who are new to the subject understand scientific words and concepts.

OECD Health Policy Studies, Stemming the Superbug Tide

Chapter 2. Antimicrobial resistance: A frightening and complex public health challenge

By Michael Padget



Revitalizing the antibiotic pipeline: Stimulating innovation while driving sustainable use and global access

By Christine Årdal, David Findlay, Miloje Savic, Yehuda Carmeli, Inge Gyssens, Ramanan Laxminarayan, Kevin Outterson and John H. Rex


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